6 non chocolate desserts for Valentine’s Day

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Here’re my best NON CHOCOLATE desserts for Valentine’s Day. From delightful cream puffs to mini tartlets, these easy desserts are effortlessly impressive to help you create an unforgettable experience!

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Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. But that doesn’t mean you have to bake heart-shaped desserts to be worthy of a romantic dessert!

Any sweet treat made with love – regardless of its shape – will sure put a smile on your special someone’s face!

Each of these desserts is made from simple ingredients found in your pantry, and there’s a bonus!

In a season where chocolate is drizzled on absolutely everything, our light and airy sweets will be a refreshing change.

A raspberry lemon meringue tartlet on a white plate with a bite cut of off.
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1. Raspberry Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Our raspberry lemon meringue tartlets are the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Your valentine will savor the combination of rich raspberry jam and tart lemon curd filling, nestled in a flaky bed of puff pastry perfection. 
And you’ll love how oh-so-easy they are to make while still creating an impressive presentation. A definite win-win for Valentine's Day dessert!
Tartlets Recipe
Mini strawberry pavlovas on a baking sheet.
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2. Mini Strawberry Pavlova

What is Pavlova, you ask? The simple answer is, “delicious, of course!” 
But a more thorough explanation might be a meringue-based mini cake, that has a soft marshmallowy center and crisp meringue crust. Yum! 
Top it all off with homemade whipped cream and a pop of Valentine-red berries, and our strawberry mini pavlovas are a great make-ahead dessert that is sure to leave your friends and family applauding!
Mini Pavlova Recipe
a bowl of earl grey lemon madeleines
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3. Lemon Earl Grey Madeleines

Cozy up to your valentine with our delicately sweet earl grey lemon madeleines. All you need is one bowl and a whisk, and these subtly sweet mini-cakes are ready to go. 
Infused with pleasant hints of citrus and filled with our luscious lemon curd, these seashell-shaped madeleines pair wonderfully with your favorite book, some fuzzy socks, and a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa.
Madeleine Recipe
Mini raspberry cream puffs on a white platter dusted with freeze-dried raspberry powder.
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4. Raspberry Creme Puffs

It simply isn’t Valentine’s Day without our simple raspberry cream puffs. Perfect as a make-ahead dessert, this holiday classic is sure to leave your company wanting more. 
Delicate choux pastry (pronounced “shoe”) filled with rich, decadent raspberry cream is a February dream come true. 
And if you’re feeling adventurous, replace the raspberry cream with any variety of custards, ice creams, or any selection of flavored whipped creams you choose! The possibilities for holiday perfection are deliciously endless!
Creme Puffs Recipe
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5. Coconut Almond Balls

Did someone say coconut? Bring a hint of the tropics to your wintery Valentine’s Day celebration with our coconut almond balls. 
Like a decadently chewy Rafaello or Ferrero Rocher, this fast and easy dessert is perfect for a quick treat that goes from mixing bowl to tastebuds in seconds! 
As an added bonus, storing these little balls of joy in your freezer will allow you to indulge in a fun, flavorful treat any time the craving hits–all year long!
Coconut Balls Recipe
Raspberry lemon tartlets arranged on a rectangular serving platter.
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6. Raspberry Lemon Tartlets

Fresh and fun, our raspberry lemon tartlets are a mouthwatering treat for anybody! The light, flaky pastry base is no-fuss and easily made with a creamy mixture of butter and cream cheese. 
Topped with tangy lemon curd and whipped cream filling and finished off with that signature pop of that Valentine-berry red, this zesty dessert is one you and your Valentine won’t soon forget!
Lemon Tartlets Recipe

Hope we’ve inspired you to bake something sweet and delicious for your loved ones this romantic season!

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