How to Make Marbled Macarons, 3 ways

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Instantly elevate your macaron game with these 3 easy methods to make marbled macarons!

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Once you master your basic macarons, you may want to graduate from plain shells to something a little fancy.

I don’t fancy myself with elaborate character macarons (I leave that job to the artists!). Instead I marble my macarons, when I want something a little special.

3 ways to make marbled macarons:

Yes, you can marble your macarons different ways. Each method yields a unique effect and each has its own charm.

Method 1: True Marble

Let’s name this method a “True Marble”.

For this method, you’ll need 2-3 (or more) colored batters. Watch this video on how to make 3 different colors out of a single macaron batch.

  1. Lay a plastic sheet on the counter.
  2. Pour the colored macaron batters on the plastic sheet in whatever pattern you like.
  3. Gently wrap the plastic sheet into a tube and transfer it into a piping bag fitted with round tip.
  4. Now, pipe the shells on the prepared baking sheet.

Method 2: Tie Die

I feel like this is the easiest method of all for marbled macarons. You just need 1 color batter and however many gel food colorings you want.

  1. Using a long wooden stick or small brush, draw a line with a food coloring inside a piping bag, fitted with a round tip.
  2. Add the batter into the prepared bag and pipe out the shells.

Method 3: Swirl Design

This’s my favorite method. It creates such chic-looking macarons.

  1. Pipe a few regular macaron shells.
  2. Then using another color batter pipe 4-5 small dots on top of the shells.
  3. Using a toothpick, swirl the two colors, creating marbled look.
"Macaron 101" cookbook on a marble background.

Macaron 101: A Comprehensive Guide

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Watch How to Make This Below!

Hope this marbled macarons tutorial was helpful.

Which method you like the best? And which one you’re trying asap? 😉

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