Favorite Sourdough Bread Tools

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Homemade sourdough bread takes patience, but it shouldn’t be difficult! Here are 14 of the best sourdough bread tools to simplify sourdough baking.

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Sourdough bread baking is an art form that takes precision and patience. There’s plenty of rising, stretching, shaping, and folding to be done.

It can feel exciting one minute and daunting the next, which is why I’ve put together this helpful list of sourdough bread making supplies.

Even if you’ve found your tried-and-true sourdough bread recipe, these sourdough tools will simplify the process. I only recommend products I love to use in my own kitchen.

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Sourdough Bread Tools

Here’s 14 of the best sourdough bread tools to help you make a golden, crusty, tangy loaf!

Banneton proofing basket

While it’s not mandatory for a successful loaf, it’s enhanced my bread baking experience by leaps and bounds! If you properly flour the banneton, the dough shouldn’t stick while it proofs.

It leaves a lovely swirl design on the crust and I’ve noticed I get a better rise too. They come in both round and oval. Don’t use the cloth liner if you want the spiral pattern to show.

Round scrub brush

This round scrub brush with durable bristles works double duty. It makes flouring and cleaning the banneton basket a breeze! It’s less messy than using your hands, and the flour gets into the grooves so the dough won’t stick.

Once your sourdough loaf is finished, use the brush again to remove any excess flour from the basket.

Flour shaker

A flour shaker is a quick way to evenly coat any surface with flour. Flour shakers only cost a few bucks at the store, and they distribute flour effortlessly.

Silicone scraper

Do yourself a favor and get more than one! This must-have tool removes sticky dough from a bowl with ease.

Its light and flexible design allows you to get every last bit of dough. Its small size takes up virtually no room in a drawer or dishwasher.

Small silicone spatula

Mini tools can do everything a big tool can do, and more! A small spatula is less bulky and fits into small and narrow spaces. I use it to stir the sourdough starter and scrape it off the sides of the container.

Truth be told, I have more than one mini spatula and I love them all. I use them for more than just bread, like scooping the last bit of the peanut butter out of the jar!


When it comes to bread baking, precision is key. Measuring dry ingredients by volume isn’t as accurate as measuring by weight.

That’s why I like to use a scale instead of measuring cups to weigh out my flour, so I achieve the same glorious results every time!

Bread cloche

This is the best pan for baking sourdough bread! I used to bake my sourdough loaves in my Dutch oven, but it discolored the inside of it so I bought this bread cloche instead.

I couldn’t be happier I did! The lid traps the moisture, just like a steam-injected oven, and creates a chewy crust. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and it looks beautiful on the kitchen counter.

Shower cap

No need to use all the plastic wrap in your house! A re-usable shower cap is a perfect solution to cover proofing bread, homemade starter, or even last night’s leftovers.

There’s no need to transfer food and create more dishes. Win, win! I re-use a single shower cap multiple times too!


A lame is a razor sharp scoring blade with a comfortable handle. Technically a paring knife will do the trick, but a lame cuts seamlessly through the dough without partially collapsing or gouging it.

It’s perfect for detailed designs or artistic cuts that require defined lines. It comes with a leather cover to secure the blade when it’s not in use.

Spray bottle

Coating the sourdough loaf with water before it bakes produces a thick, golden crust with a nice sheen. A spray bottle makes this process easy, misting the bread without soaking it.

Bench scraper

Sourdough with a higher percentage of water results in a soft texture, a thin, crispy crust, and a mild tang. It does make the dough wet, sticky, and difficult to work with.

A bench scraper simplifies the process, making it easier to shape and handle the dough.


This multi-talented thermometer has a probe and an infrared setting. An infrared thermometer can detect the temperature without even touching the object. It’s a good way to ensure a successful rise.

Warm water encourages the yeast to grow while scorching hot water can kill it completely. I like to temp my water beforehand for consistent results.

Sourdough Baking Supplies

While every sourdough recipe is a bit different, I find these supplies crucial when I bake sourdough bread.

Sourdough starter

Also known as levain, this essential ingredient is a mixture of flour and water that’s left to ferment. The wild yeast and bacteria feed on the carbohydrates in the hydrated flour until it’s ready to use. You can buy sourdough starter or make your own!

Rice flour

I like to use rice flour to dust my banneton basket. It’s less absorbent than bread flour which makes it a better barrier between my sticky dough and the basket.

Bread flour

The name says it all. Bread flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour. More protein means more gluten, which helps the bread rise and gives bread its structure and chew.

It’s easier to work with, especially if it’s your first time making sourdough.

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Whether you’re a baker newbie or baker extraordinaire, I hope this list of sourdough bread tools makes the process simple and enjoyable for you.

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