My Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

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My absolute favorite small kitchen appliances – why I love them, what brands I use and recommend, and shopping tips!

My absolute favorite small kitchen appliances are lined up on a the counter - kitchenaid stand mixer, cuisinart food processor, electric water kettle, small chopper, juicer and blender.


As part of my “Kitchen Tools & Gadgets” video series on my Youtube channel, I shared my favorite small kitchen appliances.

These 8 products are my workhorse in the kitchen. Some are used multiple times a day, and some rarely used, but absolutely handy! I’ve had most of these items for over 8 years, so I can totally speak from the experience.

My Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances Video

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Electric Water Kettle

We’ve been using this simple AmazonBasics electric water kettle for the last 2 years. We use it multiple times throughout the day every day! From morning warm cup of water and coffee (we love pour-over coffee!) to afternoon tea, and anything in between. Why I love it: 1. Simple design. 2. Sleek look. 3. Quick boil.

Stand Mixer

I have KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head 5qt stand mixer. I think this’s my oldest small appliance I own, and it has never failed me!! I absolutely love and recommend this mixer. What I love it: This mixer is perfect size for both occasional and frequent bakers. And while the mixing bowl is big, it whisks even the smallest amount no problem. For example, I often mix 2 egg whites to make macarons and it works like a charm. I’ve tried a different brand stand mixer for a hot minute, and it couldn’t whisk 2 egg whites. So I quickly got rid of it.

Food Processor

Large food processor

This Cuisinart 14-cup food processor was our wedding gift 7 years ago! While I don’t use it very often, it’s imperative for large amount of shredding, slicing, mixing (think, big batch basil pesto!). Why I love it: Reliable brand with amazing quality!

Small food chopper

Now, this KitchenAid 3.5-cup mini food chopper is my go-to for everyday cooking. Why I love it: It’s small and easy to clean!


Oh, how I love my Ninja Blender! It may not be fancy and sophisticated, but it does a great job blending everything and anything. Besides smoothies, I make my basic crepe recipe in my blender all the time! Why I love it: The large size pitcher is super convenient for making a big batch of smoothie for the whole family. It also came with 2 individual serving blending cups, if you’re making a smoothie for one.


This’s another oldie, but goodie! My trusted Omega Vert350 juicer! I remember, I researched various brands/models of juicers for a long time before I committed to Omega Vert 350. And I never regret it one bit. Why I love it: It juices anything and everything and it’s so easy to clean. Shortly after I bought mine, my mother-in-law purchased one too and she absolutely loves it too. She uses hers way more than I do, and hers is still in great shape after 8 years!

Instant Pot

Ah, if you haven’t checked out my weeknight dinner website, you’re totally missing out. I’ve shared SO many of my favorite Instant Pot recipes there and you can totally see how obsessed I’m with my Instant Pot. There’re quite a few models on the market, but I have LUX and DUO models. Quite frankly, I mostly use DUO. Why I love it: I love that Instant Pot DUO has yogurt setting, that mostly use for proofing yeast dough. And Instant Pot in general is super convenient for quick and easy weeknight dinners!

Air Fryer

Ok, this GoWISE 5.8qt air fryer is my latest addition (I’ve been using it less than a year so far) and I’m quite impressed with it. Why I love it: It produces super crispy fries with minimum oil. And it cooks things in less time than traditional oven.

This’s it! My absolute favorite go-to small kitchen appliances! Hope you find it helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions you wonder about any of these equipment.

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