How to Cut Parchment Paper for a Round Cake Pan

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Here is a simple yet effective way to cut a parchment paper for a round pan using the square-to-triangle method. No more stuck or uneven cakes!

Round cake pan lined with round parchment paper.


Sure you can buy pre cut parchment rounds to line your cake pans. But if you have multiple different cake pans, it can get a bit overwhelming to stock up on different sizes. Not to mention, they can be pricier than regular roll of parchment sheets.

Also, you may think why not trace the cake pan on the sheet and cut it. Well, yes you can take that route too. But often times you end up with slightly bigger circle when you trace the cake pan and you end up having to trim it further. It gets fussy!

This square-to-triangle method is the easiest and quickest. And once you hang of the folding technique, it’ll become like second-nature!

Tools You Need

  • Parchment paper – rectangle or square
  • Round cake pan – any size
  • Scissors
2 stacked round cake pans and 2 sheets of parchment paper.

How to Cut Parchment Paper for a Round Cake Pan

1. Fold the parchment into a triangle

First, make sure your piece of parchment is wider than your cake pan.

  1. Place the sheet of parchment flat on a counter and fold it in half from bottom to top.
  2. Then fold it in half again from left to right. Find the closed corner and position it on the bottom left corner. This corner will become the center of the parchment round.
  3. Now, fold it into a triangle by bringing the bottom side to align with the creased side on the left.
  4. Then fold it again in the same direction to make the triangle smaller, keeping the closed corner at the bottom.
4-image collage of folding a sheet of parchment paper into a 3-layer triangle.

keep an eye on the closed corner

Always bring the creased/closed sides together. Keep the closed corner of the triangle (see red dot on the image above) in one place. This corner should NOT fold up at any point.

This closed corner will become the center of the parchment round.

2. Measure and cut

  • Place the closed corner in the center of your baking pan.
  • Crease/mark the parchment paper where the bottom and side of the pan meets.
  • Cut along the creased line and unfold the parchment paper.
Side by side image of measuring the diameter of the cake pan with the parchment traingle.

how to measure the radius

I prefer placing the parchment triangle inside the pan to measure the round’s radius. Measuring on the ouside edge of the pan can yield slightly bigger round.

Voila! The parchment round fits perfectly inside the cake pan.

a round cake pan lined with parchment paper.

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