Travel Photo Journal- Rome

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Welcome to my 3rd (and last) travel photo journal from our recent trip to Europe. (In case you missed it, we’ve been to London and Paris earlier.) And the last country we visited was….

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Colosseum

Yes, you guessed it, ITALY! 

The only thing we regretted is that we didn’t plan for longer stay. We spent only 3 nights in Rome, which really means 2 full days. Garrat and I were seriously contemplating to re-schedule our flight and stay a few more days. But we were quite tired and a bit sick, so we decided to stick with our original itinerary. We tried to experience as much as we could in those 3 short days. 

Travel Photo Journal- Rome

Day 1.

We flew from Paris to Rome and arrived at around 3pm. After checking into the hotel, we took it easy and relaxed until dinner. We went to a nearby Ristorante Alessio. It was like a block away from our hotel, but one of popular restaurants in Rome. Though we came in a bit early for dinner time (around 6:30ish), it was already pretty full. We were lucky and grabbed the last table. The staff was amazing, very friendly and courteous! I was quite surprised that our waiter not only spoke great English, but also spoke Japanese at another table!!! The service was top-notch!

Ok, let’s talk about food already! Their food was simply DELICIOUS! We had 36-month aged ham for appetizer. Umm, no words to describe how delicious it was! For main course, I had their signature Strozzapretti pasta, homemade fresh pasta with clams and porcini mushrooms. Garrat had calamarata pasta with salt cod and breadcrumbs! Both dishes were fabulous, pasta was cooked to perfection (al dante with perfect chew!). Italians sure know how to cook their pasta!

Yeah, you probably heard that Italian food is the best. Honestly though, I always thought it’s all exaggerated. Boy, was I wrong!  No matter where we ate, in a little corner pizzeria, at a nice restaurant, or in a small eatery, the food was simply amazing.

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Ristorante Alessio

Oh and that tiramisu was to die for! 

Day 2.

We started our day strolling by piazza Vinezzia on a gorgeous sunny morning. Such a lively city filled with music, sun and lots of happy people!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Piazza Venezia

And of course, we couldn’t miss Campo de’ Fiori Market. We had the most fun right here in the market.

Yes, it’s touristy, but oh so Italian! We spent the morning tasting truffle sauces, spices, cheeses, and lots of liquor. This one big family owned a few isles of goodies and they took care of us pretty well.

We started with tasting liquors, so, you know, we were in great mood. We communicated through broken English and Italian, we laughed, we drank, we had fun!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Campo de' Fiori market

In the afternoon, we went to check out iconic Colosseum. We didn’t go in, but we just walked around, enjoying beautiful weather and some ice cream!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Colosseum

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Colosseum

So many incredible details in every building…

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Colosseum

And ruins… So much history here!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome Travel Photo Journal- Rome Travel Photo Journal- Rome

We had dinner at a very popular pizza restaurant, Trattoria il Tettarello. We again got lucky and snatched the very last table right by the entrance. People were waiting in a long line for their turn for over an hour. It was a bit uncomfortable to eat our delicious pizza while hungry people were looking at us through a glass wall! But we soon forgot about them, as we dive into our meal. Gosh, I want to go back and have one more pizza!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome

Day 3.

We started our morning with a quick breakfast at the hotel. (We stayed at trendy iQ Hotel Roma. Very clean and cozy!) Though Italian breakfast mostly consists of cappuccino and croissant, out hotel offered full breakfast buffet with scrambled eggs and sausages. They know their tourists well! Everything was super delicious!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome

After breakfast, we headed to Piazza Novano on our way to Trevi fountain. Unfortunately, Trevi fountain was closed due to maintenance. (No worries, we threw a coin into another fountain!)

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Piazza NavonaPiazza Novano is a beautiful square with so much energy and life. 

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Piazza Navona

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Piazza Navona

There, we met this artist with beautiful paintings! Once I saw his work, I had to have one. Aren’t they just gorgeous? I looked through all his work, and decided to get the one with Italian seaside town (on the right). Can’t wait to get it framed and display this beauty!

Then, we spent the afternoon exploring the Vatican City!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City

Marvelous paintings, art on the ceilings and all the sculptures were mesmerizing, intoxicating and so breath-taking!

We’ve been inside the Sistine Chapel, the place where Pope lives!

Now, I’m not a religious person, but it was quite an experience!

You guys, I’ve seen the famous “The Last Judgment” and “Creation of Adam” (the one with almost touching hands of God and Adam) by Michelangelo. Too bad, we were not allowed to photograph inside the chapel, but then again I was able to fully be present and admire the work of art without distraction!

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City

A peek into the garden from the Vatican Museum! 

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City

And here is the top of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Travel Photo Journal- Rome- Vatican City

Rome, we love you! We will be back!!!

I hope you enjoyed my travel photo journals from London, Paris and Rome. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I always have a thing for European countries. So going to Rome is always on my list and I would really wanted to go there one day. Your photos are amazing, also the food. I always wanted to have a taste of what an Authentic Italian food taste like. I’m really Glad you enjoyed your trip so much Shinee! 🙂

  2. I’ve heard that Italy is one place that I need to visit. Your photographs are so beautiful and the food looks to die for. 🙂

  3. Wow! I’ve never been to Rome but it looks positively beautiful! And judging by the photos and your description, I can only imagine how heavenly the food was – I love authentic Italian cuisine! Thank you for sharing your photos and allowing us to experience a little piece of Italy! <3

      1. I loved the pictures of your trip and the different dishes. They are so professionally done. One day, I’ll try your frozen banana bread recipe,  once I finish my quilt which I’ve been working on for over a week now.
        Thank you, Shinee for sharing your post.

        1. Thank you, Gloria! That banana bread is so good, hope you’ll give it a try soon. Meanwhile put some bananas in your freezer. 🙂