A Walk around the Ranch

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Ranch at golden hour...

Honestly, life of a food blogger doesn’t always revolve around kitchen. You’d be surprised how much time I spend behind my desk, in front of the computer, writing, editing, processing photos, networking, pinning, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I spend plenty of time on my feet in the kitchen too, baking, cooking, tasting, photographing, tasting again. My husband wonders how I spend so much time inside. He, being a rancher, spends all his time outside, especially in the summer.

And this beautiful sunny weather doesn’t last very long here in North Dakota, you know. So I try to spend as much time as I can outside at the ranch, soaking up all the sun. Last weekend, I grabbed my camera with me while heading out for a walk around the ranch. And thought why not share with you some of the beauties I came across that day.

So here you go, a little glimpse into my world…

Beautiful alfalfa flowers… (This gets cut, dried, and rolled into a bale for cows to eat during winter.)

Afternoon Walk- Ranch

Garrat and I have planted soo many trees all over the ranch over the years. Evergreens grow slowly, but they’re so pretty all year round. Love them.

Afternoon Walk- Ranch- Trees we planted about 5-6 years ago...

Apple tree…

Afternoon Walk- Ranch- Apple Tree

Sunflower is my favorite flower. And Garrat planted them for me. He sure is the sweetest!

Afternoon Walk- Ranch- My sunflowers

Oh my gosh, I wish you’ve seen what a big pumpkin patch we have at the ranch. Garrat is a botanist, and he goes crazy when he plants things. We have these ginormous pumpkins growing right now.


Oh say “Hi!” to our sweet Harriet. My in-laws have 3 of these little boston terriers. Harriet is the mama of other two. She is the sweetest and smartest!

Afternoon Walk- Ranch- Harriet

And here are some sugar pumpkins… Lots of baking with pumpkins coming up!! Yum!

Afternoon Walk- Ranch- Sugar pumpkins...

Haha this one is funny.

Garrat treats his bulls and cows like pets. No, really, he practically feeds them from his hands. Here he is feeding them corn on the cob. Remember, that huge field of sweet corn Garrat grew this year?? Yeah, we ate ton of them this summer. And we dehydrated some, froze some, canned some, shared with friends and neighbors, and donated some to local food pantry. And yet, we still have ton left. So now we’re feeding them to our cows. πŸ™‚

Ranch life- Feeding cattle...

And lastly, these are my MIL’s chickens. So, so grateful for them and their abundant supply of eggs! Farm fresh eggs are the BEST!

Ranch- chickens and turkeys

This year, Garrat convinced his mom to raise a few turkeys too. They’re so huge! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving. πŸ˜‰

How are you enjoying these beautiful fall days? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I’m totally in love and jealous at the same time of your ranch. It is absolutely breathtaking—from the animals to the vegetation. I would love if from time to time your husband gives your reader some tips on gardening.Β 

  2. Your ranch is beautiful, Shinee! And obviously your photography too! I loved this post and getting the chance to see a glimpse into what life is like on a ranch. It looks so lovely. Also those pumpkins are fantastic!!