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Baby Grant: 8-Month Update

You know what I just realized?


I’ve been naming these baby post titles all wrong! For example, this post should be titled 7-month update, not 8! Because I’m talking all the milestones that happened in his 7th month of life! Oh well, I’m chalking it up to sleep deprivation when I started these series.

Anyway, so many changes, you guys! I can barely keep up with the little guy!

Baby G is fast and furious!


First, he has no fear of height whatsoever! He has no problem crawling up to the edge of the couch, bed, anything, and just keeps going down, head first!

He’s crawling everywhere and investigating everything! Luckily, we finished baby-proofing the house, but then again, we find things that he shouldn’t have access to, like wires behind the TV stand, and of course, that’s where he loves to hang out. #weekendproject

And now he’s also trying to pull up on things. I lowered his crib a little bit ago, and now I need to lower it again, because he’s trying to climb out of it and is pretty good at it. Also when I’m working in the kitchen, little munchkin likes to climb up my legs. Just picture him trying to balance himself, while holding onto my pants.

As far as eating, he’s getting better. He went through a short period when he didn’t want to nurse or bottle, apparently it’s a phase called “nursing strike”. I even had to call his doctor at one point, because he just wouldn’t eat. It’s all better now, he still doesn’t nurse much, but takes a bottle. So we’re pretty much exclusively pumping now. I’m trying to keep him on breastmilk for at least a full year, but that might not happen. Sigh.

He loves solid food though! Not so much in the mornings. We’re still mostly on pureed food stage with an occasional pancake, ground beef and slow cooked chicken. As first time parents, it’s so hard to see your baby choking and gagging on solids food, so we’re playing safe. But it’s insanely cute to see him chew with his gums!! Oh and he LOVES potatoes, just like mama.

Still no teeth yet, but I know it’s coming. He’s quite a drool-monster!

Oh, we have pretty solid schedule now! It’s not perfect every day, it just fluctuates about an hour either way, but it’s super helpful to have a structure like this. And the best part, his naps are longer

4am– Nurse
8am– Wake up
9am– Bottle/ Breakfast Cereal/ Fruit
10-11:30am– Morning Nap
11:30am– Bottle
12:30pm– Lunch- Fruits and Veggie/Cereal
3-4:30pm– Afternoon Nap
4:30pm– Bottle
6pm– Dinner – Chicken or Beef Soup with Vegetable Puree
8pm– Bottle and bedtime
11pm– Nurse



BOB Revolution SE Stroller– Back in July, I finally got a stroller! I wanted something durable for rough country roads, comfortable for running and somewhat compact. This stroller delivers on all points. I did an extensive research and practically read 1000s of reviews before investing in this stroller. It’s super smooth on rough roads, easily turns in tight places and folds and unfolds with ease. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase, and I highly recommend it!

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair– I was looking for high-chair that didn’t take up much space, comfortable and safe, and hopefully something that we could use for a long time! Well, lo and behold, I got just that and then some! This thing is going to be around here for 5+ years for sure. It grows with the child every stage of the way. From hight chair to booster seat, and you can seat 2 kids at once. I can see my little Grant as a big brother on a booster seat and his little sister (I hope!!!) in high chair. (Wait, what? No, no, no, I’m JUST imagining things!! Not right now, not yet!) Anyway, this is the high chair everyone needs to get!! If you need more convincing, read the amazon reviews.

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons– Since we’re on the topic of eating, these baby spoons are ridiculously convenient. If the spoons turns white, that means food is too hot for the baby. Simple!!

Regaroo Waterproof Cotton Bib Set and SmartFami Waterproof Baby Bibs for Drooling and Teething– I’m in love with these bibs! They’re so soft, comfortable and stylish. I initially bought these waterproof bibs, but after couple of uses Grant started developing a red rash after feedings due to fruit juice or other liquids irritating his delicate skin. These cotton bibs absorb extra moisture and doesn’t irritate his skin.

Regalo Baby Gate– Hands down the best gate with the easiest latch and lock system! I’ve seen different gates at friends’ and family’s, and I’ve always had a hard time opening the darn things, but this Regalo one is no brainer! I’ll say that if you do use the safety lock, it’s bit hard to open with one hand. I only use its regular lock and it’s so easy. I also bought their 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard to block access to an area with bunch of stuff (and by that I literally mean buckets of flour, rice, sugar, dehydrator, photo props, you know, stuff!) It’s so easy to install and adjustable!

If you want to see more of my little munchkin, follow me on snapchat. (Username: shineshka).

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing you journey on adorable baby Grant. I appreciate you posting the schedule times Because I had my princess Lilah Elizabeth on Dec 13th 2015. She is now 9months and it’s been little challenging to put her on a “timed” schedule. I can tell you this I try to feed her lunch every day by noon. I also have a 5 yr old girl layla they keep me busy, kindergartener. However I nurse only at night or in morning now but she normally drinks formula and solids now because I was trying to wean her off. It seems he keeps you busy also, especially with you waking up at 4am “the life of a loyal mommy”. I’m a stay at home mom now but worked in the bakery and banquets as a pastry chef , i would love to bake more at home but because I’ve breasted fir so long she seems to have separation anxiety. How do you balance baking on those delicious goodies with your son? ☺????

    • Hi, Lisette! Our babies were born so close!! I bet little Lilah is just adorable!
      Lucky for me, we have yet to experience separation anxiety. But to be honest, it’s quite a challenge to work on recipes nowadays. I used to test 3-4 recipes in one day, but now I can barely manage to make 1 recipe a day! It’s not easy, but it’s doable. Since he’s on schedule now, my days are pretty predictable. I prepare everything for baking/cooking during his naps. And as soon as he wakes up, I quickly feed him and let him run loose. And I get to baking/cooking. When Grant is rested and fed, he’s very good at keeping himself busy.
      I’m sure having a toddler also makes it even more challenging. Hope you’ll start baking again. And thanks so much for connecting!

  2. Grant is active and happy and growing like a weed and is as cute as can be!! I have enjoyed reading about his progress and seeing all the updated pictures and activities. Thanks for always sharing.