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Baby Grant: 7-Month Update

This post is sponsored by Tylenol®. All opinions are mine alone.

Look at this cute 7-month old!!

Our little munchkin is growing by minute… Everyone who asked his age would exclaim how big boy he is!

Baby Grant: 7-Month Update

July was full of 1st time experiences for Grant.

  • 1st time meeting his grandpa from Mongolia and one of his aunties.
  • 1st time trying apricots, plums, sweet potato, beef, peas, ice cream and so much more!
  • 1st time staying at a hotel.
  • 1st time experiencing a devastating hail storm.

Fun month, for sure! (Except for that last one…)

Last weekend, we ventured on our longest road trip with the baby. We went to Fargo, which is about 330 miles one way. It wasn’t bad. Grant loved all the new experiences, but he sure wasn’t a fan of sitting in the carseat for that long. Poor baby was so eager to get out and roll around. 🙂

Speaking of rolling, let’s get to the highlights.

Baby Grant: 7-Month Update

  • My little guy is working super hard on his crawling. He almost got it. Now he can tuck in his knees and get up on his arms. He knows that when he pushes his legs he moves forward. But he hasn’t fully figured out that both arms and legs need to work together to move forward. He can reach from one end of his play mat to another to get to his toys though. Super fun! Quite frankly, I’m also terrified. I still need to baby proof the house!! Eeek.
  • We’re having ups and downs when it comes to eating solids. He was so excited trying new things earlier in the month, but lately it’s been a struggle. He wouldn’t eat more than couple of teaspoons at a time, whether it’s fruits, or veggies, or beef soup. But he sure loves drinking water!! Don’t know why, but he loves drinking water from a cup like a grown up. (I closely measure the amount of water he drinks. I think it’s recommended no more than 4oz of water a day.)
  • Grant can now sit unassisted pretty well. And he smoothly transitions from sitting to crawling position all on his own. So amazing!
  • Oh and another milestone is just around the corner. I noticed my little munchkin is drooling more than ever, puts his fingers (sometimes his whole fist!) into his mouth, and his teething toys are his best friends at the moment. As of now he has no discomfort, just a happy baby with a toy in his mouth! Can’t wait to see his little pearly rice soon…

This month, I partnered with TYLENOL® on their #ITsATooth campaign to celebrate my baby’s upcoming new milestone. Together with Grant and his friend, Sofie de Giraffe, I’m asking you to go on and create a cute e-card of your teething baby. You can see our e-card on Facebook. And by creating an e-card, you’ll also help to restore a beautiful smile for a child in need. Who wouldn’t want to get a cute card for a wonderful cause, right? And if you do that, I’d love to see yours. You can e-mail it to me, or share it on my Facebook wall.

Baby Grant: 7-Month Update

And that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed our little update.

Until next month!

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  1. Hi Shinee, I’m fairly new to your blog and recipes and anxious to try this most recent one – Blueberry Lemon Cake.

    The pictures of your baby is precious. Such a cutie! Do enjoy him every day because they grow up much too fast! I am a mother to 3 (all married adults) and grandmother to 7 … we enjoy each and everyone, attend as many of their school events that we can, and watch them change into young adults! Janet

  2. I enjoy reading about your son’s updates and your experience as a mom. As I am becoming a mom /first time/ soon, it would be nice if you could share any books or apps that you use for anything related to baby and new mom. Thank you

  3. Huugiinhe tuhai sar bur bidentei huvaaltsdagt bayrlalaa. Aylald ywsan talaar ni asuuh gesen ym. Bi bas aylald ywah tuluvluguu bga ym. Heden tsag ywsan be? Zamdaa hed zogsoj huugee hoolloj amraasan be?  
    Bi bas ruu orj e- card hiinee. Bayrlalaa.

    • Sain uu? Ene niitleluud maani tus bolj bgaad bayartai bn. Fargo-ruu yavhad 5-6 tsag yavsan (uul ni bol 4.5 tsagt yavaad orchdog gazar). 1-2 tsag tutamd zogsoj huugee suudlaas ni gargaj 10-15 min salhiluulsan. Tegehgui bol suudal ni doroos ih haluutsuuldag yum bn lee. Huu maani jaahan hoolond muu bgaa, baga bagaar iddeg bolohoor neeh ih hoollooguie. Ugjind ni suugee hiigeed yavuut dundaa baga bagaar ugsun. Bas heden shiltei puree-nuud avj yavaad zamdaa hed hed halbagadaj ugsun. Huu maani ih udaan suuhaar joohon zalhah shinjtei bsan. Enenees udaan yavsan bol er ni bol uilah shinjtei bolj bsan. Hehe. Za ayalald ni amjilt husey. 🙂