Baby Grant: 6-Month Update

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Call me crazy, I don’t care, but I totally made a cake for my little munchkin to celebrate his half birthday! And we sang him “Happy Birthday”…

Baby Grant: 6-month Update

Eek, how is it possible that my baby boy is 6 months old now?? I swear he was just born!!

Anyway, yeah, I made him a cake. A fruit cake, so he can eat it too (more on that later). Funny thing is my Mongolian side of family wondered if it’s an American thing to celebrate half birthday. And my American side also wondered if it’s a Mongolian tradition. Neither!! I’m just so excited and always looking for an excuse to celebrate my baby, you know.

And LOOK what he got in the mail recently!! A letter from THE WHITE HOUSE! Isn’t that so cool?

If you’re expecting, or have a newborn, send your baby’s birth announcement to The White House and you too will receive a signed letter from the President. I think it’s a pretty cool souvenir.

A Letter from The White House

Here’s the mailing address:
President Barack Obama
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20500

Baby Grant: 6-month Update
Our 1st play at the pool…
  • Grant can now sit unassisted for 5-10 seconds, or maybe a little longer. I think he could sit on his own a bit longer, but he gets excited and throws his balance off. Super funny and cute!
  • He’s still not crawling though. And to be completely honest, I’m not quite ready for that yet! We still need to somewhat baby-proof the house, you know.
  • We have a huge accomplishment this month!! Grant’s fully transitioned to sleeping in his crib! First night, when I let him sleep in his crib, I barely slept, staring at the monitor for every move! I still sleep with the monitor by my side at all times, but I don’t worry much anymore. First couple of nights, he woke up 2-3 times to nurse. But then only once, and now he mostly doesn’t nurse at night! Woo-hoo! It feels amazing that he can now self-sooth himself to sleep at night, if he wakes up. Sometimes I have to put his pacifier in his mouth, but that’s about it. Of course, it’s not always perfect. Sometimes, he’s just hungry at 3am and needs to eat, which I happily accommodate.
  • Naps are getting longer too! Instead of half hour naps, he now sleeps for almost 2 hours at a time, which is so great for me to get some work done.
  • FOOD! He’s so ready for solids, but I’m holding off until we see his pediatrician and get some advise. Every time when I eat or drink, he wants to grab whatever I have in my hand and shove it in his mouth. It breaks my heart that I can’t share a piece of chocolate or Oreo with him, he wants it so bad. We did give him some mashed up fruits and he freaking loves it! I think he’s going to be a good eater. Fingers crossed!

Baby Grant: 6-month Update


PRIMO EuroBath bathtub– I don’t know why I haven’t shared this earlier, but this bathtub is awesome. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. There are so many options for baby bathtubs, from super fancy to super simple sink versions, I was so lost when I was shopping for one. After reading thousands of reviews for so many bathtubs, I went with the cheapest, simplest and, most importantly, versatile one. I was worried it won’t be comfortable for a newborn, but I was wrong. It worked for us from the start. I line the tub with a thin receiving blanket and it seems super comfortable.

SansBug Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net– Ok, I’m a worry-wart, and I’m a mosquito-magnet. I get so many bites in matter of minutes. So naturally, I’m worried to take my baby out in the backyard for playtime. I couldn’t have been happier when I found this tent. It’s super portable, light and big enough for both of us!

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump– Not that I’ve tried many breast pumps, but this one is the best! I got mine for free through my health insurance, but I wouldn’t hesitate to fork a few hundred dollars for it! Especially if you pump a lot, which I didn’t need to, and still find it quite useful! It’s very efficient and convenient. Check with your insurance, before paying for one!

If you want to see more of my chubby munchkin, follow me on snapchat. (Username: shineshka).

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I loved that you celebrated his 6 month birthday. That is so sweet and I get why you did it too. The first year just flies by so cherish every day. Thanks for sharing. Now time to look at the recipes.