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Baby Grant: 5-Month Update

Hello, June!!

Hello, sun and beautiful weather!

We missed you…

Everything is in full bloom, it’s absolutely gorgeous!


My goodness, my baby boy is 5 months old now!! How, when, what??? (It’s so cliche, I know, but I just can’t even comprehend with the speed of time!)

Yeah, my little man is not so tiny anymore. Last time we checked, he was 20lbs! He’s a chunky little guy for sure and oh-so-happy one! He looks pretty serious at times, but luckily, he’s so generous with his smiles.

Tell me, doesn’t he look 100% Mongolian in his Mongolian outfit? My mom made it for Grant, sadly he almost outgrew it. Anyway, his look changes so much. One day he’ll be pretty asian-looking, and other days he’s more Caucasian. It’s funny how that works.


  • Grant’s holding his head pretty well now and he loves sitting up like a big boy (with a cushion, of course). Also, he can now roll from his back to tummy – something he learned previous month – and then from tummy to his back, hitting his head in the process. 🙂 So cute and a bit nerve-wracking!
  • Also, he spins on his play mat a lot. I don’t know how he moves around, but he definitely doesn’t stay in the same spot for very long.
  • HANDS! He’s now learning what his hands are for. He grabs anything and everything in front of him, whether it’s my face, hair, toys… He also holds his hands in front of his face and just stares at them. Oh and anything he grabs goes right into his mouth.
  • Grant used to be swaddled at night and for naps since his birth, and he loved it. But now that he’s much stronger now, we quit cold turkey. Since then he wakes up every 2.5-3 hours at night. But hopefully he’ll learn to sleep longer soon, then I can transition him from the basinet to his crib. Also he naps for only 30 minutes 4 times a day, sometimes a little longer. But if I sleep with him (don’t judge, if I want a nap during the day, I do cosleep with him during the day), he sleeps for up to 2 hours! Anyway, no more swaddles for him and I think he’s adjusting pretty well.


My friend Olya made this adorable John Deer diaper cake. Super cute, I had a hard time disassembling it. (Thanks, Olya!!)

4 Baby Products We’re Absolutely Crazy About:

(PS: This post is not sponsored. However, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I get tiny commissions with no cost to you. Thank you for your support!)

Aquaphor – This baby healing ointment, diaper rash and dry skin protectant is amazing! This is what we used when Grant had his first and only diaper rash when he was just a few weeks old. Since then we religiously use it to prevent diaper rash. Recently, he got couple eczema spots on his elbows, and this ointment has been a magic relief.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash – This is a fantastic baby wash. It’s gentle on baby’s skin and smells amazing! Don’t buy the pump bottle though, it breaks during shipping. I’d received a mess of a package once, and later read others’ reviews with similar experience. Just buy the screw top bottles.

WubbaNub Pacifier – The only time we use the pacifier is when going to sleep. It’s almost like a hint to fall asleep or something. The little elephant helps the soothie stay close by his mouth.

Piyo Piyo Yellow Baby Nail Scissors – Remember I confessed how I hate nail trimming. Well, I’m much better at it now and I absolutely love this nail scissors. Luckily, I haven’t had any accidents, which gives me more confidence. But darn those nails grow fast! 🙂

Baby Feed app – I religiously track everything my baby does. Sleep, feed, diaper change, I mean everything! I’m still planning to review the data and develop a schedule for Grant.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading and being on this fun (sometimes exhausting) journey of motherhood. 🙂

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  1. Hi. Manai ohin 2 sariinh, odoo 5 sar garantai. Huuginh ni 6 sarinh ni niitlel deer bga shumuulnaas hamgaalsan maihan bas ih taalagdlaa. Odoo ch gehde ingeser zun duuslaa da. Gehde hereg bolvol avnaa gej bodjin. Aan neeree bas neg asuuh zuil bn. Car seat nii talaar. Bi anh turuhud ni l newborn- d zoriulsan hevtee shahuu car seat avsan ym. Gehde humuusees lavlahad ter car seat – ee 1 nas hurtel ni hergledeg gesn. Chi ene talar yu gej bodoj bga ve? Thanks for your time and reply comment. 

    • Bi bas infant carseat avsan (Chicco Keyfit 30), odoo hurtel hereglej bgaa. Ter jingeeree yavdag. Miniih bol 40lb hurtel jintei huuhded taarna gej bn lee. Gehdee bi udahgui tomsgii gej bodoj bgaa, manai huu jaahan tom bietei bolohoor jaahan bagadaad bh shig sanagddiin.

  2. Huugiinhee talaar bichsen niitlel chin ih taalagddag shuu, mash saihan oilgomjtoi bichdeg. Nadad ene bichsen niitlel chin ih hereg bolj bga, yalanguya nad shig shine eejuuded ih hereg bolj bga. Hereglej bga buteegdehuuniihee medeelliig oruulj bgad bayrlala. Bi Aveeno- iin wash & shampoo- iig heregledeg ym. Odoo tursnuus ni hoish herglechihsen ym chin soliod ch yahaw. Gehdee Burt’s Bees baby shampoo ni iluu sain uu? Bas ene Baby Feed app-iig hereglej uzie gej bodloo. Bayrlalaa

    • Hi!! Huugiin mini niitleluud taalagdaj hereg bolj bgaad bayartai bn. Bayarlalaa! Mun huuhedtei bolsond bayar hurgey!! Huuhed ni heden sartai ve? Nadad bol ene Burt’s Bee brand ih taalagddag yum tegeed huuhdiin wash & shampoon ni ih taalagdsan. Ih zuulhun yum bn lee, bas ene company yanz buriin himiin bodis ene ter heregledegguigeer ontslogtoi. Aveeno bas taalagddag gehdee tednii huuhdiin buteegdehuunuudiig hereglej uzeegui bolohoor haritsuulj helj chadahgui ni. Nadad bol ter Baby Feed app bol unen heregtei ed, bi huuhdiinhaa buh yumiig tend temdegleed yavchihdag. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe the changes in Grant from month-to-month. He’s growing like a weed and just too cute for words!!  Love the Mongolian outfit and the diaper cake very cute and useful too. Okay, time to check the recipes for the week. I always check on Grant first. Thanks for always sharing.

  4. Thank you for the updates! He is growing up way too fast!!! I’m so in love with this little man! 
    P.s. I’m glad you liked the Diaper Cake ????

  5. I absolutely love Grant update posts. Thanks for sharing! Adorable chubby baby ???? boy ????!