Grant’s 1st Birthday Party

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Guess who is ONE?

This guy!! ↓↓↓

Ok, I admit it, I’m totally guilty. I’m 2 months late on this. Oops! Time flies when you’re having fun. What can I say…

But I figured, it’s better late than never, right?

Anywayz… Let’s go back to very first days of January…

I was planning a nice party with my friends and family to celebrate the occasion. It was tricky to find the perfect day, since Grant’s birthday is so close to new year’s celebrations. But the date was set, guests were invited, and I was planning from A to Z for a perfect Winnie the Pooh birthday party. Only to cancel it at the last minute due to snow blizzard!!

Boo! I was so disappointed, to say the least. I wanted to celebrate my boy with everyone around. But what can you do when mother nature is having a moment. 🙂

We still got to celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday, just in a smaller scale. Grandparents and great-uncle braved the nasty weather (and icy roads) and we had so much fun watching our little munchkin go crazy with his very first birthday cake!

And without further ado, here’s a little peek into our special day…

I made super simple chocolate cake and layered it into a honey pot. The frosting is my favorite chocolate mousse from this cake. The honey drips and label was made with yellow candy melts.

I also made Winnie the Pooh shaped macarons with lemon buttercream! It was delicious. I’ll be sharing the tutorial on how to make shaped macs soon.

We also had simple vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Mini cheese board before dinner is always welcome. And I served hearty brown gravy meatballs over mashed potatoes, which was such a hit!

And here’s the highlight of the day! Grant had a blast eating that cake, you guys.

At first, he was like “Is this whole thing for me?”. Then he went to town with it! I made a video of whole thing, but later I realized I didn’t get any photo of what was left. Spoiler: just crumbs. Haha

Yeah, it’s hard to believe I have a 14-month old now! He’s growing so much and so fast.

Quick highlights:
  • He’s still not walking yet. But he’s cruising around like a champ.
  • He can now climb up on the couch all by himself. He’s so proud of himself whenever he gets up there, and looks at us like “Did you see that?”. Super cute!
  • Oh and he’s such a dancer! He dances whenever music is on, or when he gets a tasty bite, or when cell phone rings. You may have seen it on my Instagram stories, if you follow along. It’s precious!

Yeah, it’s never a dull moment with Grant for sure. And I simply cherish every single waking moment with him!

Thank you so much for reading! I won’t be sharing baby posts as often as I used to. But I definitely won’t stop. 🙂

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  1. Zunduu goyu ym beldjee. Manai huuhed bas gantsaaraa alhahgui l bn. Ue-iin huuhduud huld orchihson l ym shig bh ym. 

    1. Bayarlalaa! 🙂 Harin tehh, oroitoj huld oroh ni. Gehdee ayagui sain yum tushij yavaad, gantsaaraa zogsood bgaa bolohoor odoohondoo sanaa zovohgui l bn. Yamar hurdtai mulhdug gej bodno! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you posted Grant’s first birthday. I kept following your updates on his progress and I thought I had missed his birthday. Just found out my niece is pregnant and I love all the treats you made for his first birthday so I may steal your ideas for a baby shower. He’s just precious and adorable. Happy Birthday Grant and many continued blessings to you and your family.

    1. Yay for the new baby!! And thank you for following our journey with Grant. It’s getting hard to chase after him. 🙂 Hence the belated birthday post.