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Baby Grant: 4-month Update

Today is my first Mother’s Day!

It’s surreal!

Baby Grant: 4-month Update

It really is. Sometimes, I can hardly believe I’m a mother! Yet I’m constantly reminded of it. Like every waking second… 🙂

My peaceful little man is growing up so much, and learning little tricks to get my attention. He loves attention. In fact, that’s the only thing wants now. And I love giving him all the attention. He totally deserves it!

And besides attention, he loves going for a walk. Every time I put on his hat, I get this giant smile from him. Look at that smile. ↓ Precious!

Baby Grant: 4-month Update

  • This month he had developed so much skills! The biggest one is he can ROLL ONTO HIS TUMMY now!! Can you believe it? We used to have him on the ottoman in front of our couch, and we can’t do that anymore. He’ll roll right off. Scary, I know. That’s why we put a giant play mat for him in our living room floor. He loves it.
  • Grant is still a good sleeper at night, at least most nights. We went through a short growth spurt couple weeks ago and he seriously woke up every hour or so. That was brutal, but it’ in the past now. His first stretch is 4-5 hours, which is awesome! However, his naps during the day is so irregular. When he’s in his crib, he naps only 30min tops. But if he’s on my chest, then he can nap for 2 hours!
  • We don’t really have a schedule for him yet. I just let him do whatever and whenever he wants to. That’s gonna change soon though. I track everything in an app, so I’m planning to analyze the data to come up with some sort of schedule. To all the mamas out there, I’d love to hear your advise on this matter. How do I get him into a schedule? Is it too late now? Mostly I want his naps to be more regular.
  • Oh almost forgot. Since mid-April, Grant went on complete diet! I’m serious, his appetite went down drastically. One day he didn’t even eat before going to bed (like 5-6 hours without eating!). He’d just scream bloody murder when I give him boob. Keep in mind, he never cried like that! Panicked, I had to call the on-call pediatrician at 10pm. Luckily, he ate later that night. But his feeding was still pretty low, so we went in to get him checked. Everything medically is fine with him, in fact his weight is at 91%!! We accepted it as a new normal.

Baby Grant: 4-month Update

By the way, I’m obsessed with snapchat and post lots of baby snaps there. If you’re on snapchat, add me. I’m under shineshka.

Mommy Confession:

Since my munchkin sleeps the best on my chest, I let him nap there for up 2 hours while I work on my laptop. I’m probably developing some horrible habits, but I feel terrible when he wakes up after short 30min nap in the crib. Plus, that way I get some work done too. Oh well…

Baby Grant: 4-month Update

3 Baby Products We’re Absolutely Crazy About:

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier– I absolutely love this baby carrier, and so does Grant. I literally spent 1 whole day researching baby carriers and settled on this one for 2 main reasons. 1. Four wearing positions, and 2. It’s #1 baby carrier when it comes to ergonomic seating position of the baby. I’m not disappointed at all! I use it every day on our daily walks. Grant sleeps comfortably the whole time, and it’s easy on my back. I don’t even feel like carrying 17-pound baby!

SoftTiles Foam Playmat– Beautiful, fun and convenient!! I love everything about this foam mat.

Ozeri Turtlemeter Baby Bath Thermometer– Ok, this one takes all the guess work out when it comes to bath temperature. We didn’t have it the first couple of months, but so glad we got it now. It’s waterproof turtle with digital display that changes color depending on water temperature. Peace of mind!!

And that’s a wrap. If you missed updates from previous months, you can find them right here.

To all the mothers reading this post, Happy Mother’s Day!! And I’d love to hear your advise about getting the baby into schedule, mainly the daily naps. Please leave me a comment below.

PS: This post is not sponsored. However, it contains affiliate links to the products that I truly love! Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for the update on Grant. He is growing like a weed and is as cute as can be! Once I see you do an update on Grant on the blog, he comes first so I will go and check out your recipes now. Have a great weekend and thank you for always sharing

    • Hi, Janet! Yes, Grant is growing like a weed, and I want to freeze time for a bit. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying these updates. Have a great weekend.