Baby Grant: 3-month Update

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Today my chubby chubs is exactly 3 months old!

Just look at that face!!!  So much cuteness, I can’t even handle it…

Grant- 3 Month-1

I seriously, totally, unconditionally in love with this little man.

I’ve seriously never felt so much love in my life before. His dark lively eyes, happy toothless smiles, morning giggles- everything about him melts my heart into a giant puddle of joy.

Quite frankly, I’m super proud too! How lucky am I to get to call him mine?!

And look how much he had grown already!! The photo below is a week old vs 13 weeks old. Omg, omg, can we please freeze the time?? Because I need this newborn stage last for a little longer. Don’t get me wrong I savor each and every waking moment with him.

Grant- 3 Month-4

Last week, we finally went out in public, besides the routine hospital trips and our daily walk around town.

We went to grocery shopping. Haha Exciting, I know! But you’ve no idea how much I missed shopping for food. Grant loved it too. He was fascinated with all the lights, colorful shelves and overall change of scenery.

Grant- 3 Month-2

Onto the highlights:
  • Grant is really shaping his personality. He already has his favorite songs and music. For example, when he’s a bit fussy, we play his favorite song, “Cool Enough” by Spada & Elen Levon, and boom, he’s instantly chill! And in rare occasions if that doesn’t help,  diaper change will sure bring a smile on his face.
  • Ohmygosh, he is super talkative, especially in the morning! Garrat says he won’t be surprised if he start talking at 6 months! Haha I’ll have to snapchat it some time. (FYI, my snapchat is shineshka.) Speaking of talking, I plan on raising him bilingual and talk to him exclusively in Mongolian. I believe it’s called “one parent, one language”, or something like that. If you have any experience on this, please share your tips!
  • On March 16th, Grant slept 5 hours straight at night!! When I woke up in the middle of the night and realized it’s been 4 hours since his last feed. I was completely in shock! His usual stretch is 2 hours, maybe 3 at most. But 5 hours?? That was unheard of! I was so tempted to wake him to feed, but I didn’t… I waited for him to wake up on his own. I wanted to see how long he could sleep. The next night he woke up every hour, because he had his 2-month vaccines. But he resumed back to his long stretches of sleep the following night! What a blessing. I don’t think I’ve done anything to promote it, but I’ll share my top 5 favorite items that helps my little guy sleep better. Keep on scrolling.
  • Just a week or so ago, my munchkin started holding his toy and play with it. He loves shaking it and tasting it. The cutest sight! Every little change makes my heart jump with joy. If you’re a mom, I bet you understand what I mean.

Grant- 3 Month-3

It’s been exactly a month since my mom left. And yay, I survived it. It took a bit to get in to a routine. Some days are harder than others, but we’re doing great now.

I’m not a perfect mom. There are things I’m not proud of when it comes to parenthood. But that doesn’t make me a bad mom, I hope. So I thought it’d be fun to add a new section here for confessions.

Mommy Confession:

I hate trimming my baby’s nails!! I have this cute little scissors, super sharp and comfortable, yet I’m scared to accidentally cut into his delicate skin. Ugh, I’ve been holding it off for as long as I can, but he scratched himself twice on his face the other day. And I had to get over my fear and do it! Not looking forward to the next one, but those damn nails grow so fast!

5 Baby Products We’re Absolutely Crazy About:

Halo Bassinest– I absolutely love this bassinet. Having my little munchkin at the arm’s reach at night really helps me to continue to breastfeed and have a peaceful sleep. And because Grant doesn’t like sleeping on flat surface, I put this wedge under the mattress, and it’s perfect! It has so many great features, like night light, swivel and super sturdy base. There’re other features like soothing vibrator and music, but I don’t use those. Now that Grant is growing so much, I’m afraid he’ll have to transition to his crib soon.

Halo Swaddling Blanket– Grant loves being swaddled! And this swaddle blanket makes it so easy and comfortable for both me and Grant. I have micro-fleece and cotton one, but prefer the fleece one better.

Cloud b Sound Machine– One of our bedtime routines is to feed him with soothing ocean surf soothing sound. Without fail, my baby falls asleep within 5 minutes after the sound is on. Amazing!!

Mobile– Grant takes one of his naps in his crib, and he started falling asleep on his own ever since I installed this mobile. In the beginning I thought he was getting distracted, but then realized that after music turns off, he instantly falls asleep.

Samsung SafeVIEW Baby Monitor– And for worry-wart mommy, like me, baby video monitor is a must! I have to keep my eyes on my baby every second while he’s napping during the day, you know. Mind you, I don’t have a huge house, but still I can’t imagine nap-time without this monitor. Absolute best invention!

Alrighty, hope you enjoyed my munchkin. Until next month!!

PS: This post is not sponsored. However, it contains affiliate links to the products that I truly love! Thank you!

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  1. So happy to see the update today – Mommy & Grant both look so content and happy. I think I look more forward to the baby updates now than the recipes LOL!  Thank you for always sharing. 

  2. Loved your post! You’re doing a great job and your little man is precious. And yeay to sleeping 5 hours! That’s golden there. We loved the Halo bassinet as well and used it till Ava was prob good 6 months!