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The BEST Charcuterie Board

Here’s how to build the best charcuterie board in less than 20 minutes! fall edition… Learn the basic rules and create your masterpiece with ease.

✅ Super easy and quick    ✅ Impressive     presentation ✅ Favorite cured meats

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– Smoky cheddar    cheese – Blueberry cobbler    cheddar – Brie

Choose Platter

I’ve used a simple baking sheet, a large cutting board, and even just a big serving platter.


Gather Ingredients

Cut all the cheeses into different shapes and sizes for an interesting presentation.


Arrange Cheeses

Arrange the cheeses from mild to strong from left to right, or in a clockwise pattern.


Onto Meats

Now, arrange the cured meats, spacing them out in different corners of the platter.


Fill Gaps

Lastly, literally fill in the gaps with different snacks, like dried fruits, nuts, olives, etc.


serve & enjoy!