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Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes

Brown butter mashed potatoes take the traditional side dish up a notch with sweet and savory flavors and a soft, fluffy texture that will have your guests drooling!

✅ Steps are simple and     completely worth     the effort!    ✅ Sweet, buttery, and     garlicky ✅ Not too thick and not     too runny.

why you'll love this recipe!


– Russet potatoes  – Coarse kosher salt – Garlic powder – Unsalted butter  – Whole milk – Salt and pepper

Cook Potatoes

Cut the potatoes. Place them in a large pot filled with cold water, and add the salt and garlic powder. Bring the liquid to a boil.


Brown the Butter

Melt the pieces in a skillet, stirring continuously. You’ll notice some brown speckles form.


Mash Potatoes

Drain the water from the potatoes. Stir in half of the hot milk and brown butter. Mash the potatoes to your desired consistency and season


serve & enjoy!