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Things you didn’t know about me…

Hi, there!

Happy Friday! And welcome to completely random post, where I’m gonna share totally random facts about myself. Why? Well, why not? It’s casual Friday, after all!

If you’re a noisy person, like I am, and love to read about other people, their quirks, likes & dislikes, then this post is for you! If you’re not into this kind of things, no offense is taken, I’ll see you on Monday with a brand new recipe. ? 

Obsessed with red...

Let’s get started!

Can you guess my favorite color?? Yep, I’m obsessed with all things RED. ❤️ Energizing, vibrant, and empowering! Everything and anything red looks great to me. Sometimes, I have to ask myself, if I really like the object, or I like it just because it’s red! From cookware to cookbooks, from stationery to home decor, from jewelry to clothes, my life is full of reds, and I love it!

Ok, I know I’m in minority here, but I have to say it. I love doing dishes! There is something relaxing and meditating about it. Especially, after a big dinner party. The warm running water, lots of soap bubbles, a pile of dirty dishes turns into a rack full of sparkling clean ones = pure satisfaction! On recipe testing days, I could easily fill up my sink 3-4 times and not get tired of it. I’m serious! My dishwasher is a storage space, and I don’t remember last time I used it. Anyone else?

Would you believe if I said I can drive a tractor?? Yes, yes, I can! I’m a rancher’s wife, after all. But I used to tell my husband it’ll be more than 10 years before I climb into one of those monsters. Anyway, this is how it happened… Last April, remember I was so obsessed with podcasts and audio books? Well, so obsessed that I wanted to sit and listen to them all day long. So I asked Garrat if there is anything super easy I can do in the tractor. Of course, there is! I smoothed out a few fields for farming, while entertaining myself with a few books and podcasts. Win-win for all!

Oh, here is an interesting one. I’ve NEVER been to Russia, but Russian is one of my native languages. For the record, both of my parents are Mongolians. Then how on earth, you might ask? We had a big Russian community in our town, and I went to Russian kindergarten and school. Hope, I’ll visit Russia one day.

Tattoos. Do you have a permanent tattoo? I don’t. Well, unless you wanna count my permanent eyeliner! YES, I just said typed that! I have a permanent eyeliner on my eye lids! I know, it sounds crazzzzzy! In my defense, I was a fearless 17-year-old, who just started college sophomore year. I was all grown-up, you know. I regretted my decision the second the needle touched my eye lids, but I had to sit through it! #wildteenageyears

Ok, I better wrap up now. Here’s the last one. I can’t swim! ? Ironically, my best friend in high school was a great swimmer, and her dad was a swimming instructor. Growing up, I spent ton of time in the pool, yet instead of practicing, I just played in the shallow area. Water scares me, but I love the beaches… What can I say.

Now, please tell me something about yourself. I’d love to get to know you too!

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  1. I love this post, Shinee! And I gotta be honest, I would love to get on a tractor someday, it has always looked like a lot of fun to me. And for a while I was actually very interested in permanent eye liner too but was too chickened to do it. Now, you did lose me on the dish washing thing, like completely, haha, but I am with you again on the water, even though I can swim, water scares me too! 🙂