Summer Travel: Japan, Mongolia, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming and more

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Hey, guys! I don’t have a new recipe for you today. However, I wanted to share with you all the fun I had this summer. I thought it’s about time to share a little bit of sweet & savory life. Out of thousands of pictures I have on my hard drive, I’m sharing just a few of them here. πŸ™‚ (Any one else have a problem with taking a little too many photos?)

Late June…

My very first stop was Tokyo, Japan. I had an overnight layover there, and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to take a glimpse of Tokyo. Luckily, foodie friends, that I know through FB (online friends are real thing these days!), live there and they generously offered to show me around.

Tokyo, Japan ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeI had such a lovely time in Tokyo, enjoying great food and laughing with the great company. I also felt like I came to the future. Everything was automated, yet the customer service was amazing! (Each table at the restaurant had a tablet to place your order! Vending machines read your card remotely, just hold your wallet at the censor to get your drink! And I’m not even gonna talk about bathrooms…)

Food stand in Tokyo, Japan ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAt at the popular street food stand, where many Japanese celebrities stop by…

Shibuya crossing, Tokyo, Japan ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAt the famous Shibuya Crossing…

Next stop was my motherland, Mongolia, where I got to spend an entire month with my family. There is nothing like to spend quality time with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew! The kids are growing way too fast. The oldest niece,2, is talking non-stop now, the second niece,1, is walking and running everywhere, and my nephew, who just turned 1, is now a big guy trying to walk on his own. Precious times!


Naadam in Erdenet, Mongolia ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAt Naadam festival in Erdenet city, Mongolia, my hometown. Naadam is national holiday to celebrate three main sports: wrestling, horse racing, and archery.

Mongolia ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeMe on a horse and camel…

Camping and real Mongolian bbq ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeA day camping by the river and making Mongolian traditional meal, called Khorkhog. It’s basically a Mongolian barbecue, cooked with hot stones in a air-tight container. Nothing similar to what most americans think is Mongolian barbecue. πŸ™‚

Sweet Kitchen TV Show ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAnd right before the end of my vacation in Mongolia, I was invited to a cooking TV show, Sweet Kitchen. This is my very first appearance on TV. Such a fun experience! I made my mushroom quiche, cheesecake bars, and fruity sangria.


As all good things must come to an end, it was time for me to come back home to my husband. This time, I came home with my mom. It was her very first time in the US, so we wanted to show her as much as we can in short time she had here. The very first place we took her was Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where these big boys live.

Buffalos ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeWild buffalos at Theodore Roosevelt National Park…

Minneapolis ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeMom and I had to go shopping at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Of course, we couldn’t miss Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Such a serene place!

We also had an amazing 1550-mile road trip with my mom and husband a few weeks ago. ND-MT-WY-SD-ND. Yep! We had a great time, and these pictures are proof of that! πŸ™‚

Yellowstone NP ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeYellowstone National Park is a magical place. My favorite spot is Sapphire pool, so clear, so blue and so deep! (It’s the one where I’m in the picture.) Really though, everything is beautiful there.

Yellowstone NP ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAnd this is my handsome husband, Garrat, my #1 taste tester! I don’t think I’ve shared many pictures of him. πŸ™‚

Grand Teton, WY ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeGrand Teton, WY

Thermopolis, WY ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeThermopolis, WY
Very neat town. This cliff is basically built off of mineral deposits from the mineral water. Isn’t it beautiful?

Squirrel ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAnd look at this guy. Hungry much?

Mountains... ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeGorgeous mountains!

Devils Tower ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeDevils Tower, WY

Mt Rushmore ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeMt. Rushmore, SD was our final stop on our road trip. I think this is like 4th time I’ve been here. Still amazing!

Last week, Garrat and I went to Denver to see my mom off. It was sad day for me, because it was too much fun to have my mom in the kitchen with me. To lighten the mood up, hubby and I went to our favorite botanical garden, where they were featuring Chihuly Exhibition.

Denver Botanical Garden ~Sweet and Savory by ShineeAre those glass art works simply AMAZING?

I hope you enjoyed my photos today.
See you again on Friday here! I will have a delicious drink for you.

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