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Purple Mattress for a Good Night Sleep

This post is sponsored by Purple. All opinions are mine alone.

We’re claiming 2019 as a year of good sleep!

Now that we’ve settled in our new house, this should be a very doable goal. I think…

One of our 1st priorities was to sleep train Grant, my 3-year-old toddler, who co-slept with me in our old house. (We only had 1 bedroom!!!) Anyway, he now got his very own room with a big-boy bed! Instead of a regular toddler bed, we went with a queen-size bed for him, because he likes to toss and turn a lot. And he loves it! Grant now mostly sleeps through the night alone in his room. Quite honestly, it wasn’t an easy process at all. It took us almost 2 months to get to this point, but we did it and I’m so proud of him! If you’re interested, I can definitely share the process and our sleep training tips in another post. Just let me know in the comments.

Getting Grant out of our bedroom means we get to have our master bedroom all to ourselves. (Well, almost. George will be migrating into his room soon. Next month?)

Master bedroom is actually a foreign concept to me. Growing up in a small apartment back in Mongolia, my parents didn’t have a separate bedroom. Instead they slept in the living room, and we, kids, shared the bedroom. So having a giant bedroom all to ourselves is quite a luxury!

Anyway, we needed a new bed for our bedroom, because king-size bed was always a dream of mine! I researched all the mattresses online for a whole month, if not more. Reading one review after another, it was my entertainment of choice during frequent night feedings. At one point, my Facebook feed was full of mattress ads. Holy moly, did you know there are like ten billion mattress companies out there?!

Well, long story short, I finally came across Purple mattress, and their hilarious videos. I was instantly sold! I decided to reach out to them to collaborate. And guess what? They responded!!! And offered to send me the mattress as a gift!! (Thank you, Purple!! You’re the best!)

According to Consumer Reports, on their firmness scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is very soft and 10 is very firm, Purple 3 mattress lands at 3!! I like soft bed, but I was afraid Purple 4, their softest mattress, would be way too soft for me. So I went with their All-New Purple 3 mattress.

After sleeping on this mattress for the last 2 months, Garrat and I are extremely happy with our new bed!! It’s nice and soft (although now that we’ve tried Purple 3, I think Purple 4 would actually be even better!), and super comfortable without weird sinking feeling. It has such a great support, and most importantly, ZERO motion transfer. We can get out of the bed at night without waking each other up!

The Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™ technology is no joke! That’s what makes this Purple mattress so comfortable and soft as well as amazingly supportive. And did I mention, it keeps us cool throughout the night? Yep, that purple grid is magic!!!

Besides that awesome new mattress, another perk of our master bedroom is this view!!! Garrat and I planted all those trees loooooong time ago, and we’re finally enjoying the scenery!

I can’t say enough good things about Purple mattress! And I’m not saying this because I feel obligated to do so, we genuinely love it so much!! And we highly recommend it to everyone who is on the market for a great mattress!

Now, excuse me. I’m gonna crawl back into my cozy bed, because it’s way too cold out!

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