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Mini Pizza Tartlets

Mini Pizza Tartlets

Simple mini pizza tartlets. Perfect appetizer for meat-lovers! This recipe is inspired by my boyfriend’s idea and recipe on KitchenAid stand mixer booklet. Shortly after I got my new stand mixer for Christmas, I...

Orange Meringue Pie

Flaky buttery pie crust filled with sweet orange curd and topped with fluffy tall meringue. So irresistible! Last weekend, I baked this lemon meringue pie. It was delicious. My boyfriend husband mentioned that it would...

Basic Buttercream Filling

This basic buttercream filling is perfect all-purpose buttercream filling. I mostly use this filling for my french macarons. Here is the step-by-step photo direction. Pretty simple, yet absolutely delicious buttercream filling. 

Basic French Macarons

Just a few months ago, these pretty little cookies popped on the screens everywhere I went. So dainty, colorful and tempting! Everyone was all ohs and ahs about how wonderful these treats are. I’m curious person by...