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March Obsessions


Happy April 1st! I’m here to share with you my latest obsessions.

1. So yeah, I had a thing for grapefruits this month. I bought a 32-pound case of grapefruits early in March, and it’s gone now. I ate it warm and caramelized. I made a pie with it. I ate it raw. I juiced it. I made a boozy drink with it. I made cupcakes. You name it! And I loved every last juicy segment of this delicious fruit! I’ll be sharing a few grapefruit recipes with you throughout April. So, if you love grapefruits as much as I do (I really hope so), get excited. 🙂

2. Ok, I mentioned this last month, but I wanted to bring it again this month. Because I was beyond obsessed with my Fitbit again. It motivated me every single day to move and stay active! I walked/ran 126mi in March, that’s 279,744 steps! Compare that to my January numbers, where I only walked about 62mi. I feel incredibly motivated. I highly recommend this device. (I swear I don’t work for this company.)

3. I read another mystery novel this month. “So Pretty It Hurts” by Kate White (seriously love her books!) was another intriguing and well-written mystery that I really enjoyed, even though I slept very little for a few days.

4. Speaking of books, I just recently got obsessed with podcasts. (I know, I’m so behind!) Well, I knew about podcasts, but it never intrigued me. But when I read this, I had to download it. After all, it was about real life murder case, where a high school kid was convicted of killing his then girlfriend in 1999. He is in jail now, serving his life sentence, but he still claims his innocence. And yes, we are talking about Serial!!! I’m a huge sucker for mysteries. I’m telling ya, I probably was a detective in another life! Oh, and after I finished listening to Serial, I couldn’t get enough of it. So, I signed up for Audible and listened to my first mystery novel, “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins. At the beginning, it was kind of weird, but I think it grew on me. I can’t wait to listen to my next book. It’s much more entertaining to drive, or do dishes, while listening to a book. I still love reading the actual books though.

5. Well, on TV front, it seems like pretty much everything is on pause. Walking Dead is over. No new episodes of Nashville yet. House of Cards is watched. Revenge is my only entertainment at the moment. And whoa that last season was good! I got chills!

Anyway, that’s about it for me. What have you been obsessed with lately?

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  1. Warm and caramelized grapefruit?!!! uh, brilliant!!!! and i’m totally getting active again too. .  just joined a running group! Hooray for spring!!! Happy Easter, Shinee!!

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