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George’s Birth Story

Exactly 6 weeks ago my second baby boy made it out to this world! I’ve been busy soaking up all the snuggles ever since. And today I’m finally ready to officially introduce him to you.

Meet this sweet little boy of mine. George Belgutei. Born July 14th. 7lb 8oz | 20in.

by Krista Bothum

I may be biased but he’s the definition of perfection!

Now if you love reading birth stories, as much as I do, stick around. I was blessed with another positive birth experience and I’d love to share it with you.

My first son, Grant, was born at 38 weeks, so I made sure to have everything ready by 38 weeks this time around. All the tiny clothes were washed, car seats were out, bassinet is installed and set by the bed, hospital bag was packed, and grandma made it from Mongolia… Waiting game had started…

Unlike my first pregnancy, where I was absolutely unprepared and begging for the baby to stay put for a week or two, this time around I was ready and begging the baby to come out. Counting days…

I hit 39 weeks. Waddling with enormous belly, as pictured in my last pregnancy update, uncomfortable, always hot, and did I say ready for the baby to come out?

I looked like a ticking baby bomb. How I know? Because pretty much everyone who passed by me would comment that the baby must be coming any minute. Haha But here’s the winner. One day as I was picking a watermelon at a grocery store, a nice store associate commented how my belly is bigger than the watermelon I was holding. Well, thanks for letting me know. 😉

Anyway, waiting for the labor to start was like waiting for ending of a suspense movie. When it’s going to start? How it’ll happen? Will I know that I’m in labor? My water broke the first time around and then I was induced to get things going. That’s why I didn’t really experience natural labor, you know. I even asked my doctor a few times, how will I know I’m in labor. And he would say, “Oh you’ll know.” And then I’ll panic if I’ll make it to the hospital in time. Haha

So here’s how all went down…

One evening I felt kind of funny. Nothing in particular, no pain or anything, just feeling that it’s going to happen soon. It was first day of week 39. We went to bed as usual, and on my first bathroom trip that night around 1:30am, my water broke. Ok, it didn’t really pop and poured, just trickled, which made me question whether it really happened. But I woke my husband up from his nice deep sleep anyway. And then I started shivering, because it kind of hit me it’s going to happen!!! A few deep breaths later, I called the hospital and they had me to come down.

We checked in to the hospital at around 3:30am. Test confirmed that my water indeed broke. I was only dilated to 2cm. They let me rest till morning and wait and see if the labor will start naturally. It didn’t.

So at 8am, we started pitocin. If you had read Grant’s birth story, you know this’s like a deja vu!! Except I was allowed to eat! Hooray! After breakfast, I met the doctor on call. (Oh by the it was Saturday, the weekend when my doctor was out!) She was really nice and open to however I’d like to deliver the baby. I told her I was hoping for natural unmedicated delivery just like my first one. (Not because I’m a hero or anything, but because I hate needles, and just couldn’t stomach the idea of getting poked into my spine to get the epidural. I’m a wuss when it comes to needles!) She suggested if I’d be open for breaking the water since it just had trickled earlier, and it might have been resealed. Just as I said sure, my water flooded on its own. This was at 10am, still at 2cm and baby position was -3, which is kind of high.

They decided to stop increasing the pitocin, which was at 8, thinking the contractions might pick up on its own now that the water fully broke.

At 11am, contractions became noticeable, but nothing major. Garrat and I watched “Captain Phillips” on TV and had a lunch. Doctor came in once again to check on me before going for lunch. I had progressed to 4cm and the baby had dropped to 0. She said she’ll quickly grab lunch and be right back in case I progress more. Now my contractions were stronger, but bearable. I was bouncing on the birthing ball or standing the whole time, because it was much more comfortable than sitting or laying.

3pm – Contractions got super strong. Dilated to 5cm. Everything irritated me at this point. It was so painful I wanted to jam my head into the wall. But instead of a wall, I was pushing my head into Garrat’s chest as hard as I could during contractions and complained how his deodorant was too strong. When I climbed on the bed and used headboard for support, I smelled garlic on my fingers. Ugh, I hated it!!! (I peeled some garlic the day before, and didn’t notice the smell before at all.)

3:50pm – I had an urge to push! OMG, the pain was ridiculous! Epidural crossed my mind couple of times, but I never vocalized it. It was probably too late any way. Nurses called the doctor in and I was at 9cm. They told me I can push if I wanted. And I was thinking ” No, I’m not 10cm, I can’t push! Do they even know what they’re doing?” Haha Crazy thoughts, I tell ya! And then my nurse and doctor kept asking me what position I want to push. And I’m like “I don’t care, just make a decision for me!” Haha I was going through super intense pain and in no position to make any decision.

4pm – Finally, I pushed a few times through one contraction, screaming bloody murder, felt the ring of fire, which I didn’t feel with Grant, and my little baby boy came flying out! Oh my goodness, what a relief! He’s here! He’s crying! The best sound on earth! He’s on me! Life is good!!!

Then the nurse started kneading my belly. Holy smokes, is it painful, but necessary, I know.

Yeah, child birth is insane, crazy, painful, but oh-so-magical. It’s worth every last pain!

We were discharged the following day, and big brother was waiting for us at home. It was precious to witness their first meeting. Grant shared a little toy with his baby brother and was eager to hold him. Just look at that proud smile!!!

And here’s one more sweet photo from our newborn photo shoot by talented Krista Bothum.

by Krista Bothum

Thank you so much for reading and for your well wishes!

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  1. Yet another beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations to the whole family.

  2. I read Grant’s whole birth story when he was born so of course you have to read George’s too. You and Garrat make beautiful babies. Congratulations to you and all your beautiful family with many years of love and laughter and so many fun memories ahead. So happy too that your Mom could come from Mongolia – that is awesome!