classic American Buttercreams

Super easy and delicious American buttercream is simple to make and versatile to flavor!

favorite French Buttercreams

Custard-based French buttercream is light and creamy, perfect for filling macarons or cakes.

fabulous Swiss Buttercreams

Loved by many bakers and pastry chefs, this buttercream is made of Swiss meringue and butter. It’s fluffy in texture and easy to work with!

Russian Buttercream

Incredibly easy to make, this flavorful buttercream is a must-try!

Vanilla Russian Buttercream

This vanilla Russian buttercream recipe is rich and buttery with a hint of caramel flavor. Creamy and smooth, it’s quick…

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You can never go wrong with cream cheese frosting! Choose your flavor and enjoy.

go-to Chocolate Frostings

Craving chocolate? You’ll be happy with any of these rich and indulgent chocolate frostings!

irresistible sweet sauces

Caramel comes in many forms! They are all unique and delicious.

fruity Fillings & Sauces

Add a burst of fresh fruits in your cakes and pastry with these delightful sauces!

must-try Toppings & Fillings

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