2014 Highlights

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At the beginning of every year, I look back and reflect. Not to be sad, or to regret anything, but to count my blessings and be grateful. As I was going through thousands of photos on my phone, computer and Instagram, I couldn’t help, but think, “Boy, did I have a fun year!”

Without further ado, here are the best moments of 2014.

1. Big Island, Hawaii. We started the year with our honeymoon in paradise. Absolutely beautiful and colorful beaches, gorgeous gardens, magnifecent waterfalls, parks, delicious food (craving ahi poke so bad!), this place is truly heaven on earth. We’re definitely going back to explore other islands, hopefully, very soon. If you’d like, you can read more about our trip here.

2. Minneapolis, MN. I didn’t realize until just now, that I was in twin city twice this year. On my first trip, I had this giant meringue cookie (totally a high moment!). And a few months later, I came back to do some shopping with my mom.

3. Basement remodeling. My husband worked so hard the first 3 months of the year on complete basement remodeling. Brand new guest bedroom, my workout room, and this spa room from scratch! That spa-room is my favorite. Do I need to explain why?

4. A day in Tokyo. On my way to Mongolia this summer, I had a little over 23 hour layover in Tokyo. Thanks to my new friends, I didn’t just spend it in my hotel room. We were all out and about having lots of fun. Sorry for blurry photo, but it’s at famous Shibuya crossing, super busy street packed with thousands of people. You don’t see them here, cuz they’re busy crossing the road. πŸ™‚ 

5. Mongolia. My annual visit to my home country. As I’m the only one from my family here in the U.S., I miss my family and especially my little nieces and nephew a lot. That’s why this trip means so much to me. Not only do I spend quality time with my fam, but I also get together with my dear friends. And even though this is annual trip, it’s always a highlight of the year. Hands down!

6. on TV… for the first time… This summer, I shared three of my recipes on Sweet Kitchen, Mongolian cooking show. The coolest experience yet. (But why my voice is so weird? And my accent is terrible! Grr…)6

7. Mom’s first visit. It’s been over 8 years now since I came to the U.S. And it’s high time to have my mom over for a visit and see how I live. It was amazing to have her here with me, and I only wish it was longer. But I know, it’ll never be long enough. We did quite a bit of traveling, but also managed some quality time home and at the ranch. This photo is in front of Sapphire Pool at Yellowstone National Park, my favorite place!

8. Over 400 cupcakes in one day. Gosh, was it fun! I made these cupcakes for my friends’ wedding in September. Fun experience, but I don’t think I wanna do this again. πŸ˜›


9. Book translation. Now, I certainly didn’t write a cookbook, but I did translate one. You see, I always wanted to put my language skill to a good use, but in this day and age a lot of people do speak english pretty well. But when I was asked to translate this baking book, I was really excited to bring this great book full of baking tips and tricks to my fellow Mongolians. From all the challenging tasks this year, this book translating thing was the most difficult one yet. 


10. Denver, CO. My husband and I went to Denver this summer to see off my mom. And we were pleasantly surprised when we saw this breath-taking Chihuly Exhibition featured at Denver Botanical Garden. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures, because it was just too gorgeous. I just wished I had my DSLR.

Hmm, I guess we have 10 highlights this year. #totallyunintentional
Anyway, it was an amazing full year. So much to be thankful for. Now cheers to 2015 for even more wonderful moments!

Now, tell me about your best moments of 2014. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE seeing this insight into your life! I didn’t realise you were from Mongolia – SO COOL!! I remember one of my employees was from Mongolia and his wife used to pack him the most amazing lunches. When he realised how much I loved it, she started packing more for me! I distinctly remember some fritters, they were my favourite. I must browse your blog to see if I can find it!

    1. That’s so cool, Nagi! What kind of fritters were they? I probably don’t have the recipe on my blog, but it just might appear one day. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a wonderful recap! It must have been nice to go home. And WOW 400 cupcakes? You are such a good friend!

  3. Shinee, wow, 2014 was a great year for you!! and wow!!! you were on TV?!!! How fun .. do you have videos that you can share?!! That is kind of my dream. . to be on a cooking show. . and wow, you made over 400 cupcakes in one day for a wedding?! you are amazing!!!